Otolaryngological Review for Better Hearing
True accounts of people who fought hearing loss and WON!


Hearing loss nearly ended Bud’s music career. Thanks to RECONNECT, his hearing’s back and he can still play a mean sax. Find out how RECONNECT can help you hear what you’ve been missing.
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“Is it possible to stop and even reverse hearing loss without hearing aids, medications, and surgery? The latest scientific research says YES!”
—Dr. Devin Mikles,M. D.

Overcome hearing loss and regain the fullness
of sound you enjoyed when you were young...

WITHOUT medications ...
WITHOUT surgery ...
WITHOUT hearing aids!

THOUSANDS of folks like you already have!

Over 30 MILLION Americans suffer from hearing loss or ear problems. Most suffer silently and “just live with it.” Others settle for hearing aids that are certainly not a perfect solution. Some even resort to expensive and complicated surgery with very little chance of success. But these options should be a last resort.

Recent studies at the Institute of Noise Hazards Research and the German E Commission have shown proper nutrition can have
a profound effect on your hearing. When you feed your ears, you not only help protect your hearing but you also help ...

Dr. Devin Mikles


Now, it couldn’t be easier to feed your ears thanks to RECONNECT™. This proprietary formula of 15 supernutrients essential for hearing protection and restoration was developed by the world-renowned Institute for Vibrant Living. It has been evaluated and approved by Dr. Devin Mikles, M. D., Director of the Choices Integrative Healthcare Clinic of Sedona, Arizona. RECONNECT has already helped people restore lost hearing ... get rid of ringing in the ears ... end dependence on hearing aids ... overcome vertigo ... and even stop encroaching deafness. Read their stories and get ready to hear what you’ve been missing.


Bud Morgan


Reconnect can help improve your hearing no matter what your age. Just ask Bud Morgan!

Bud Morgan is known in Eau Claire,Wisconsin as the “Music Man.” A saxophonist who played with Big Bands in the 1930s, this much-loved teacher has passed on his love of music to hundreds of appreciative students during the past 50 years.

But then tragedy struck. The worst thing that could ever happen to a musician laid Bud low. He started to lose his hearing.Things got so bad that he couldn’t tell whether or not his students were hitting the right notes.

But instead of giving up on his music career, Bud tried RECONNECT™ and guess what? Bud Morgan got back his musician’s ear! “I can hear musical notes clearer. Now I can tell my pupils, ‘That was an E you played. It should have been an F.”

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Before you take any supplement, please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional to determine if it’s appropriate for you. To protect the privacy of our customers, actual likenesses were not used.

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Aging, ear infections, high blood pressure, excessive noise, side effects from medications, and injuries can take away your hearing without warning.

Isn’t it good to know that
RECONNECT can help you get it back?

Your hearing is one of life’s most precious gifts.Yet the tiny mechanisms that provide auditory function are among the most delicate in your entire body. In fact, ear surgery can be even more complicated than brain surgery. With so many factors working against you, it is no wonder that millions of Americans face ...

  • Impaired hearing due to a single illness or incident.
  • Progressive hearing loss that worsens over time and eventually plunges you into a world of silence.

That’s why you should protect your hearing now with the nutritional support necessary to help repair ear damage
and hopefully restore hearing loss to former levels.

Protect. Repair. Restore. RECONNECT helps do all three!

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Say what!?
Getting older doesn’t mean you have to be hard of hearing.

Adults 60 and over have a 1 in 3 chance of developing hearing problems.

Among older adults, hearing loss can lead to poor job performance, loss of concentration, social embarrassment, and the increased risk of accidents.

Trying to compensate by becoming more and more isolated can lead to depression. But it doesn’t have to be this way because RECONNECT can help ...

Save your hearing so you get the most out of life!

That’s because RECONNECT addresses the issues that cause agerelated hearing loss in the first place.

According to the National Institutes of Health, presbycusis (age-related hearing loss) occurs when the 15,0000 sensory hair cell in your cochlea (inner ear) are damaged.

This progressive problem is most often the result of changes in the cochlea that occur naturally as you grow older.
Your genetic family history can also be a factor. So can poor circulation and high blood pressure.

RECONNECT helps arrest age-related hearing loss by increasing blood flow to your inner ear to strengthen and
protect the tiny hair cells needed to convert sound waves into the electrical impulses sent by the auditory nerve
to your brain.

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RECONNECT helps protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss.

It’s a LOUD world out there!

And noise-induced hearing loss is the tragic result.

It occurs when too much highfrequency sound is transmitted through the auditory system.

It can cause exhaustion and degeneration of the ear’s hair and neuro cells.

Fortunately, as recent studies indicate, the magnesium in RECONNECT™ helps protect auditory cells from damage.

Because it is most effective as a preventative measure against exposure to loud noises, RECONNECT should be taken faithfully every day.


As reported in The American Journal of Otolaryngology
The Institute of Noise Hazards Research of the Israeli Defense Force conducted a placebo-controlled, double-blind study to determine if magnesium supplementation could reduce permanent hearing loss due to hazardous noise levels. The subjects of the study were
300 military recruits subject to the sounds of sustained gunfire and explosions during
two months of basic training. Those who received magnesium supplements exhibited
less bilateral hearing damage than those who received placebos.
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Don’t let constant ringing in your ears drive you nuts! RECONNECT can help put a stop to it ... NOW!

Tinnitus is a fancy name for the constant ringing, chirping, and swooshing in the ears that afflicts over 50 million Americans. If you’re one of them, relief is just a quick toll-free phone call away.

RECONNECT has already dramatically improved the hearing of thousands.

A double-blind study chronicled by the National Institutes of Health indicates tinnitus could quite possibly be relieved with nutritional supplementation. One key ingredient in RECONNECT has been identified as a plausible way to help stop ringing in the ears at its source by regulating the neurotransmitter glutamate..

RECONNECT works to restore healthy nerve function and eliminate tinnitus.

It can also help protect your ears from noise induced hearing
loss and ear damage caused by prescription drugs.

Furthermore, RECONNECT addresses hyperacusis,
an acute sensitivity tohigh-pitched noises such as whistles,
alarms, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers. This condition can
be so problematic that sufferers often become
phonophobic— literally afraid of sounds.

Thankfully, RECONNECT™ can help eliminate these noise-induced
hearing problems and more!

Call toll-free 1-800-218-1379 and you could soon
get relief like Michael did— or your RECONNECT
is FREE!

Ground-breaking study at world-renown
research clinic indicates that a key ingredient
in RECONNECT helps relieve tinnitus—the
annoying ringing sound that’s driving
you to distraction!

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Would you like to avoid hearing aids for good?

What would you do to enjoy the fullness of sound without hearing aids? How about making one
simple toll-free call? That’s all it may take to help restore your hearing.

If you consider hearing aids a necessary evil, you’re not alone.
No one likes to wear a hearing aid. It makes you look older and
tells the world you have a hearing problem. All vanity aside,
there are even more serious reasons hearing aids are a pain.
They “squeal” when you’re on the phone. You have to adjust
the frequency. They’re terrible in a crowd because they pick
up so much background noise.

Certain voices come in a lot louder than others.You shouldn’t
get them wet. They’re very easy to lose. Plus they can cost a
small fortune!

You’ll be pleased to know that hearing aids may not be the only option
to improve impaired hearing. Now there’s all-natural RECONNECT.
By helping to improve the circulation to the auditory canal and infusing
your inner ear with the finest supernutrients and antioxidants ...

RECONNECT™ has made it possible for many to become
“former” hearing aid wearers.

By rebuilding the 15,000 sensory hair cells that transmit sound from your
ear to your brain, RECONNECT can help you hear what you’ve been missing.
And who knows, you could soon get rid of your hearing aids.

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Thanks to RECONNECT, you may soon be tempted to smash your hearing aids!
“I used RECONNECT for three months. Before that, I was in need of hearing aids, but now I don’t need them.”
—Jesse J., Clarksville,TN
“RECONNECT is a good product to use. Since I have been using it, I have not had to put my hearing aids back in my ears …”
—Laney L., Texas City, TX
“I have hearing aids which have not helped very much. After the second bottle of RECONNECT, I sometimes forget to put the hearing aids in my ears.
I give RECONNECT the credit for this...
It has many of the same ingredients I
used to buy separately. I’m getting
more for my money—and that makes me happy!!!”

—Merna Treeby, Hecla, SD
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Improving hearing isn’t all RECONNECT does! It can also help overcome vertigo, dizziness, and balance problems. Just ask Jay White.

JayWhite is the founder of IVL. He is also a published novelist, sailor, mountain climber, and scuba diver.

On one of his diving adventures his respirator malfunctioned and he had to rush to the surface so quickly that the pressure blew out his left eardrum.

An infection from the burst eardrum spread throughout his body and nearly killed him.

A heavy dose of antibiotics saved his life but left him with 50% hearing loss and a constant ringing (tinnitus) in his ear.

But worse yet, he also developed Meniere Syndrome, a severe and incapacitating form of vertigo.

“Every time I moved, or turned my head ever so slightly, I got so dizzy I vomited,” Jay recounts. “I couldn’t do anything and was laid up for 8 weeks. I feared I’d be an invalid and never get my life back.”

What looked like the only option was more complicated than brain surgery!

“I went to specialists and was considering very complicated ear surgery. Not only was surgery an expensive proposition but there was only a limited chance of success.

‘The doctor told me it was harder to operate on the inner ear than on the brain. But in the end, due to the cost and risk, I decided to hold off on surgery and look into alternatives.”

“After much research, discussions with nutrition scientists, and advice from doctors, I discovered a broad spectrum of super-nutrients found in nature that not only addressed my specific ear problem but a host of others.”

“And that’s how RECONNECT was born. I was among the first to try it and was amazed at the improvements I experienced”.

“I no longer have the vertigo problem and the ringing in my ear is much less than it used to be. I can live with it now and do all the things I used to do. I’m no longer stuck on the sidelines of life!”

RECONNECT — natural relief from balance disorders of the inner ear

Vertigo, dizziness, and a loss of equilibrium can be caused by inflammation, poor circulation, and fluid build-up in the vestibular system of the inner ear. It can also be a side-effect of certain medications— particularly antibiotics. RECONNECT was scientifically
formulated to support the delicate biological
mechanisms of the inner ear and help relieve
inflammation, reduce the build-up of excess
fluids, and stimulate blood circulation.

A testimonial reflects the personal experience of one person. Individual results may vary. Your results may be even better! To protect the privacy
of our customers, actual likenesses were not used.

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You have a hearing problem
if you...


Have to crank up the volume on your TV


Often ask people to repeat what they’ve just said


Hear constant ringing, chirps, or swooshing in your ears


Have trouble conversing on the phone


Can’t hear well in crowds with lots of background noise


Are overly sensitive to certain sounds

Don't live with these hearing impairments any longer. Try RECONNECT™ and get ready to enjoy the sounds of life again!

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15 “Ear Specialists” safeguard your hearing so you don’t miss out on the best things in life!

Before you get lost in silence... before you go crazy from the ringing in your ears... before you submit to hearing aids... before you lose your balance and fall, put RECONNECT™ to work for you RISK FREE!

Just 2 daily capsules give you:


Acetyl L-Carnitine not only shows great promise in protecting the ear from noise-induced hearing loss, but, according to studies, it may also reverse damage caused by antibiotics.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (or ALA) is an antioxidant that’s both fat and water soluble, meaning it can scavenge free radicals anywhere in the body — including your ears. ALA is a co-enzyme that interacts withVitamin E & C, to help maximize their usefulness.


Biotin is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. It also helps lower blood glucose levels and reduce insulin requirements and heart stress. Biotin is believed to promote auditory canal cell growth.


Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme from pineapples. As a proven antiinflammatory, bromelain helps improve hearing by decreasing the swelling of the mucus membranes.


Butcher’s Broom is an herb approved by the German E Commission for the treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins. It’s also extremely useful to relieve vertigo.


Cayenne has been shown to strengthen the heart and circulatory system and remove plaque build-up inside arteries. It’s the single best herb for improving circulation in the auditory canal.


Folate, also known as folic acid, is necessary for energy and the formation of red blood cells. In a Dutch study, participants that took folic acid showed significantly less hearing loss than those who took the placebo.


Ginkgo Biloba helps enhance brain, retina, and cardiovascular function. Studies indicate it can improve memory, enhance concentration and improve hearing function.


Horse Chestnut has been shown to provide relief from inflammation of joints, tendons, and muscles. It helps improve ear function by reducing excess fluids associated with ringing, vertigo, and hearing loss.


Magnesium activates enzymes, contributes to energy production and helps regulate vitamin and mineral levels necessary to restore noise-related hearing loss.


N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC) helps break down mucus and detoxify harmful substances in the body. Studies indicate that NAC helps restore noise-induced hearing loss.


Niacin (Vitamin B3) contributes to the proper function of more than 50 enzymes. Without niacin, your body would not be able to release energy or make fat. Niacin may also relieve tinnitus (ringing in the ears).


Red Peony Root is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to eliminate blood stasis, and relieve pain. It’s also a general health tonic to strengthen the body and improve circulation.


Gui Zhi/Cassia, often called Chinese cinnamon, is widely used for its anti-clotting actions, its antimicrobial activity, and forits ability to control blood sugar levels.


Chuan Xiong is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to invigorate circulation. It’s proven especially useful for addressing stagnant qi (chi) and blood in the head, chest, flanks, and abdomen. It can also help relieve headaches and dizziness.



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RECONNECT™ has helped thousands STOP hearing loss—and even REGAIN what’s been lost!

— Pat.M., Pleasant Hill, CA

I felt I had lost control of my life!

“I had been going deaf and could not hear people across the table when I went out to lunch or dinner. I started to skip lectures, plays, etc. because of my hearing loss. Believe me there is nothing more confusing or irritating than loosing your senses. I bought a hearing aid which didn’t help and reduced my wallet considerably. I felt like I had lost control of my life. After using RECONNECT, I went out to Easter dinner with others. They sat across the table from me. I heard everything they said to me and each other. I could not believe it.” — Pat.M., Pleasant Hill, CA

—Emma T., Armonk, NY

Gives great ear clarity!

“I could not hear when my grandchildren talked and had to put the TV louder. I did not want to spend the high cost of hearing aids so I tried RECONNECT.Within 8 weeks I noticed much improvement, especially hearing the telephone. I strongly recommend this product. You will feel like a young person with the ear clarity it gives and takes away the stress of not catching all of the sermon”. —Emma T., Armonk, NY




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It works or it's FREE
Money-Back Guarantee

If RECONNECT doesn’t do all this and more,
it’s FREE!

  • STOP and RESTORE hearing loss ...
  • HALT the ringing in your ears ...
  • HEAR highs and lows more clearly ...
  • OVERCOME vertigo & balance issues ...
  • REDUCE excess fluid in the ear ...
  • IMPROVE circulation in the ear canal ...
  • REVERSE ear damage from medications ...

Simply return the unused portion—or even an empty bottle—
for a full and prompt refund (minus any shipping). There’s nothing to
lose and much to gain. Order today with complete confidence and hear
what you’ve been missing.

NO-RISK Trial Invitation
to protect and restore your precious hearing!


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